Environmentally Friendly

Wolf's Cleaners Laundry is environmentally conscious.

DF-2000TM Solvent is a major advance in petroleum solvent dry cleaning and a timely alternative to traditional solvents. Since being introduced in 1994, commercial usage of the solvent has broadened throughout the country. DF-2000TM Solvent is designed for use in petroleum dry cleaning machines, such as the new dry-to-dry systems. When used with proper equipment and additives, it is a highly effective drycleaning agent with unique qualities.

DF-2000TM Solvent is a new generation dry cleaning solvent that provides more cleaning power, load after load, cycle after cycle, than traditional solvents. It's tough on dirt, yet gentle on fabrics, and exhibits less dye fading. Best of all, it's essentially odorless.

DF-2000TM Solvent is virtually free of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and does not require labeling by OSHA for toxicity.

"Investing in our valued customers"

We have two new state of the art, green technology hydrocarbon dry cleaning machines.

  • Better quality for your dry cleanable garments
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning
  • Non-hazardous, odorless solvent

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